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Warm, personal ceremonies

Uniquely right for you

Your ceremony is at the
heart of your wedding day

Your ceremony is a defining moment.  You’re making promises to the person you love most in the world about spending the rest of your lives together.  This is the reason for the flowers, the fizz, and all the celebrations! So, why settle for a bland, boring, off-the-shelf wedding ceremony?

I craft ceremonies that do justice to that moment and do justice to you – two unique individuals building an awesome life together.

My ceremonies are warm, meaningful and create a sense of joy that will overflow to all the celebrations that follow.

The sky’s the limit

Whether your heart is set on a ruined castle, a characterful out-building, a barn, or a tipi in a field or an orchard.  If you imagine exchanging vows under a leafy canopy in a woodland wedding, or a hilltop wedding under the boundless sky.  Whatever the tone and atmosphere you want to create for your wedding – relaxed, romantic, or quirky and fun – let’s go there!


I’m passionate about bringing real meaning and warmth to non-religious, personal wedding ceremonies.  I married my husband in a humanist wedding ceremony in 2005.  Nowadays we have two energetic boys to keep us on our toes.  I love big scenery and big insights, cake, castles and real human connections.

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A humanist approach

Understanding the world through science and reasoning, with ethics built on human empathy and compassion – these are the fundamentals of my humanist outlook on life.  As a humanist, I want to respect other people and the natural world.

Humanist weddings are non-religious but designed to be inclusive and meaningful for everyone present, whatever their beliefs.

I operate as part of the Humanist Ceremonies network of celebrants trained, accredited, insured and quality-assured by Humanist UK.

IMAGE CREDIT: Kerry Schofield Photography 

Jennie instantly put us both at ease and as 2 people who don’t like being in front of people that was a gift. Her writing was lovely and the whole thing flowed naturally as a story of us and the people around us.
Jennie is so incredibly skilled at guiding you through the steps, giving you the resources, time and mental space to create something that is truly unique to you. Jennie is able to tell your story exactly as it should be told – in a way that is “very you!”
The ceremony was absolutely perfect, Jennie put in so much effort to make it special and personal for us. Every part of the ceremony was tailored for us and the people we love, it felt so inclusive of everyone there.