Your Wedding

Your ceremony is the defining moment of your wedding day

The right ceremony, created uniquely for you, will feel so right and joyful. It will give a feeling of elation to kick-start the celebrations that follow.

Planning a wedding is busy; from chosing the invitations, to sorting the playlist and the place cards, there are so many details to consider.

But I believe you can’t go wrong if you take a deep breath and put your ceremony to the top of your list.

A bespoke, personal ceremony will start your day with an air-punch of joy 
and give everyone a proper reason to celebrate!

Why a humanist ceremony could be

just right for you

You want a non-religious ceremony that is warm & meaningful

You like the idea of a more personal ceremony

You‘ve set your heart on an outdoor ceremony or somewhere without a wedding licence

You want to include friends and family

You dream of saying your vows in an awesome natural setting

You have children and want to include them and recognise your new family unit in your wedding

You have legally married overseas or very privately and want the chance to celebrate your marriage fully with friends and family

You have a humanist outlook on life

You have a mixed cultural background and want a secular ceremony that can incorporate cultural references to both


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My Approach

I take the time to get to know you, so I can craft a ceremony that is completely right for you.  I’m dedicated to writing your story with authentic words and nuances.

Your ceremony will create exactly the atmosphere you want for your big day – relaxed, romantic, or quirky and fun. It will articulate all the things that are most important to you in life, love, and your partnership.  It will set the tone beautifully for your wedding day celebrations and the start of married life together.

Your wedding ceremony will share your story as a couple and your hopes for the future together.  

Most importantly, it will also share the love
 – with lots of smiles, laughter and joy.

What does a humanist ceremony include?

Every ceremony is completely personal and bespoke.
We can break with convention or follow it – it’s completely up to you.

But to give you a flavour, humanist wedding ceremonies typically include a mix of the following: 


  • Opening words of welcome.
  • Your real love story.
  • Readings and poems.
  • What marriage means to you.
  • Optional music – we can even include a sing-along-song if you like.
  • Your shared values and your hopes for the future.
  • Your vows and promises to each other.
  • Exchanging rings.
  • Optional other symbolic acts such as handfasting, or more creative unity ceremonies.
  • The Big Pronouncement (…and an invitation for a kiss)!
  • Words of well-wishing to send you on your way.


You & your guests will love

the happy, relaxed vibe

Involving friends and family

Smiles, laughter JOY!

the realness and honesty

the romance

the emotion of your promises

How sparkly & unique it is

The biggest reasons to celebrate

7 steps

to make the
magic happen


    Let’s chat

    With no commitment and completely pressure-free, let’s meet in person or chat via Skype or telephone. I can talk you through the options, and you can check that I’m the kind of positive, genuine, easy-to-work with celebrant that is right for you.


    Book me

    I take a deposit so can secure my availability on your chosen date. You’ll have access to my exclusive couples’ resources. These will help you choose great readings and poems and give you tips and suggestions on vows. I’ll also ask you to confirm some key information about your plans at this stage.  



    I’ll send you some questions in advance and then we’ll meet to go through all the detail. How and why did you get together?  What are your hopes and dreams for the future?  What makes your relationship work, and why do you want to get married?  I’ll be listening out for the words you use and all the little details that make your story and your whole ceremony authentically ‘you.’  We also discuss options on key elements such as vows, rings, other symbolic elements.



     Crafting your wedding ceremony is a bespoke and creative process; I start with a fresh, blank page, every time. I don’t rush this stage, or try to write it all in one go. Each time I come back to it, I find that my brain has been working away on it in the background.  The result is a more thoughtful and thorough ceremony for you.



    I’ll send you a draft of your ceremony on an agreed time-frame and with plenty of time before the wedding day. I’m on hand for any queries and amendments and as many revisions as you’d like to make sure you are both entirely happy.



    I recommend a rehearsal at the venue if possible: usually this works best to be the day/evening before the ceremony.


    The big day

    I’m there for you. In plenty of time.  I’ll speak to your photographer and chat to your aunties as they gather.  I’m there for any reassurance you need.  I will have tissues and emergency oatcakes secreted on my person.  We can make any last-minute calls on weather-critical arrangements.  And then, deep breaths – it’s going to be emotional – let’s do this!

    The legal bit

    Humanist weddings are not yet legally official in England and Wales.  Couples tend to go to register office to legally register their marriage in a low key way in the days or weeks before the main event – their humanist wedding.  At its simplest this can be done with a couple of witnesses in the Registrar’s Office for a fee of around £50. Your humanist wedding remains the main occasion, shared with friends and family.

    What is the price?

    My fees do vary depending on the date, location and complexity of your ceremony.   Simply click below for a quick quote.

    My commitment to you

    You and your ceremony genuinely matter to me.

    I consider it a real privilege to stand alongside you both on your wedding day.

    I’m 100% committed to getting your ceremony exactly right for you.

    next steps

    Simply drop me a line to arrange a chat.

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