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Exclusive Client Area

Welcome to the client-only section of my website

I hope you will find these resources and guides useful.  This is a new section for me and I will be adding to it over time.

Do let me know if you have suggestions or requests!

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Poems & readings

My collection of poems and readings is always growing. You may find all you need in this compendium, or perhaps you’ll be inspired to search even further!

Either way, I hope it is a useful place to start!

I have broken up the options into sections and I’d encourage you to dip in and out when you feel like it.  I wouldn’t recommend you sit down and attempt to read through cover to cover in one sitting!

I’ll be really interested to hear which readings you are drawn to.  Perhaps they are similar in tone, or perhaps you will choose readings and poems to express a range of emotion from fun and light-hearted to more sincere or romantic. It can be lovely to include a reading that expresses some advice for marriage too and you might ask someone that you really value and respect to read that.

Don’t worry about how the readings will fit together – that will be my job to weave them into your ceremony just the right way!

Couples often ask me how many readings is ‘right.’ There is not right or wrong choice here and you should follow your heart.  But 2, 3 or even 4 readings are all relatively easy to accommodate in most ceremonies.

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choosing or writing your vows

You have three main options when it comes to vows:

  • pick some vows you like, perhaps from the examples in the download below
  • if you find some some pre-existing vows that are nearly right, just tweak them, to make them your own
  • write your own vows, straight from the heart

The third option – to write your own vows isn’t as scary and difficult as you may think.  And it does make a beautiful emotional moment in your ceremony. Download my guide below to get some pointers and a framework to get you there.

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involving friends and family

Do you love the idea of friends and family playing a big role in your big day? Your wedding ceremony will be a defining moment. It’s a chance to celebrate the love and commitment between you and the one person you want to share a lifetime of adventures with!

BUT, in truth, no partnership exists in isolation. Friends and family also have such important roles in our lives. And on your wedding day, the happiest of days, it’s wonderful to recognise, celebrate and reaffirm all these connections.

On the link below you can download my guide with 14 creative ideas for how to include friends and family in your wedding ceremony.  But you don’t need to be limited by the ideas in this guide and I will have a few more ideas that might be right for you.  So if this aspect is important to you, lets definitely chat more about it!